Will power is the true power we all have

Can will power alone take any person to the top of the world without any specific talents?
Will power is the true power we all have.
Anything starts here within the mind and what really we are willing to do and going to do.
In our world of enormous creativity, anything in the world is first created in someone’s mind and then only it actually exists in reality.
In my view, Any skill can be developed by us as humans, because we humans have very high intellectual to develop any kind of skills by practicing and practicing and more of practicing over and over until certain level we want to reach.
If there is talent - gifted skill. There will be a plus point for a person to acquire that certain level with lesser efforts.
But if we have enough will power and create tremendous will power, we can defeat any kind of diseases or fears of the world and even we can reach super natural level and do super natural things or miracle like things like historic people. i.e. Swami Vivekanand, Bruce lee, Nikola Tesla, Nostradamus, Steve jobs, Dhirubhai ambani, Nick Vujicic, Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela and more you can also name… and living legends like Jack Ma, Elon musk, Baba Ramdevji (Patanjali fame),Sir Bachchan (Big B), Narendra Modi, Raghuram rajan, Sachin sir, Yuvraj singh (Cancer survivor) and more you can also name...
This above list of people is irrespective of countries and religions, these are the people who are influencing the world by demonstrating living live example of their tremendous will power to achieve their decided life goals and making the change and truly changing the world in real sense..
They all were/are not having talent-gifted skill. They were/are just passionate and have much much much stronger will power than us to change their/our world to great extent and living-leading by example.
Here the Will power wins over talent when we really persevere and how badly we want our goals to be achieved by us…
You might want to see this superb video on will-power by Sandeep Maheshwari…

I believe WILL POWER is the ultimate power for us.

Very immportant question to ask to ourself every moment of frustration or whenever feel like quitting…..

Thank you very much for reading patiently.